7 reasons why I love living in Finland

I realized a while ago that on a global scale my life here in Finland is not an ordinary one. I used to hate Finland and the Finnish way of living, but travelling and maturing past teenage years appear to have given me another perspective. I have learned that many of the things I used to take for granted are not so outside my culture.

I have here listed seven things I feel extremely grateful for:

  1. I have enjoyed free comprehensive education and have an international higher  degree (for which I never paid a cent). Finnish education is one of the best ones in the world in case you did not already know that. And yeah, it’s free for us.
  2. There is no one in my family, work colleagues or friends to define me by my relationships status. I may be single or I may be married, but my value as a human being does not depend on it.
  3. I can provide for myself. I have a job that I love (in an IT company) and my slightly obese pay is equal or even better to the men around me. I decide 100% what I do with my money and anything else would be seen as weird or even illegal.
  4. I have had several health problems during my life. Finnish public health insurance even though not perfect, has enabled me to get health care without worrying about money in order to get treatment.
  5. As a sensitive and introverted person, I love that in Finland being loud or getting physically too close are both considered rude. Permission to touch another person generally requires established trust. And for f**k’s sake if you grab my ass without consent, you will be publicly ashamed or getting a swing at your own groin. Sexual harrashment has no place here.
  6. Honesty is an exceptionally high value here. The big number one on which everything else is built on. You can see its influence everywhere. I should probably write a separate blog post about this. 😀
  7. Nature nature nature! We have such pure nature and the Finnish lifestyle with summer cottages and mushroom picking is simply the best therapy for anyone! Food is natural and quite free of toxins. Try natural blueberries from the forest:

How do you like this list? Is this something you can relate to yourself?

Since I´m new with blogging, I´d really appreciate your feedback! If you come up with anything you´d like to ask or comment on or have some great tips for me – please let me know!

It´s quite a journey that I have started… and I´m so excited!




Author: Annu

Finnish lifestyle and all things a #FinnishWoman living in #Helsinki enjoys.

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