Coconut fish taco in Shanghai Cowboy

Food: 4/5
Atmosphere: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Style: get in wearing your jeans

I was going to lunch with an old colleague of mine, when she suggested we’d eat in Shanghai Cowboy in Mikonkatu 4. I was glad she did, because I had not even realized there was such a restaurant in Helsinki! The restaurant is hidden in plain sight in Aleksanterinkatu. Sometimes the most obvious ones are the easiest ones to miss…

After stepping into the premises I was told to go down to the basement. On the bottom of the stairs there was a quiet and cosy restaurant with drawings on the walls. I really liked the interior design, and absolutely adore these frogs in tuxs:

The waitress was eager to offer wine and we ended up ordering glasses of champagne for appetizers. They had Feuillatte which we okayed with a smile. Sparkling was nice but the waitress ended up getting really annoying with constant suggestions for more wine (even after we had already said no several times). Like, really REALLY annoying.

The menu of the place is fascinating! The concept is sort of Asian-Mexican fusion and the it looks quite odd at first. Coconut in tacos is not the first combination I’d come up with, so yeah, I had to order just that: Coconut fish taco.


It’s not really looking like the taco I was expecting, but the taste was really good! I’m not easily impressed, but this was delicious!  The salmon was soft and ginger majo balanced the overall dish very nicely. Green garnishes added the much needed freshness with a nice twist. But beware: the chili was plenty but easily picked to the side.

I’m not easily impressed, but this was delicious!

It was a pity that I was not that hungry at the time for I’d be curious to know what their menu tastes like. For a casual bite in the centre this place is now on my go-to list. I’m a little bit worried that the S-group ownership might want to spoil this place with some anti-culinarist boredom to please an average nobody.  But I hope I’m wrong to worry so.

Overall this place was a positive surprise, even with the pushy waitress harassing us. I felt a little uncomfortable about how well the other people probably heard our private discussions so either hope there’s more people (and noise) when you go there, or be prepared to be overheard. We had such intimate stories to share that I actually felt a little bad for the other people for having to listen to us… Oh well, what can you do!

All in all, you might want to give this place a try!

– Annu


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