My lingonberry smoothie

I used to have major problems eating breakfast. I’m one of those people whose natural sleeping cycle involves staying up until 1am and waking up around 9-10am.

So when the society wants me to be at school or in the office at 9am, you can imagine the struggles I have had. One of the shortcuts to get started on time was to skip breakfast. And it worked fine for a while!

Then I realized that I’d rather enjoy my life than optimize everything down to the last minute. So now I have become a breakfast smoothie addict. I use lots of berries that are from Finnish nature. Lingonberry has been a little problematic berry for me, but I finally found a smoothie combo with it that I actually enjoy having!

Lingonberry smoothie à la Annu


2 cups of Almond milk
1 teaspoon of Almond butter
1 tablespoon of Almonds
1 cup of Lingonberries
1 tablespoon of Flaxmeal
1 tablespoon of Dried goji berries
Dash of raw vanilla powder
Natural honey (high on nutrients)
+ Pollen (to help me with my allergies)

Please not that the amounts are not exact. I never measure the ingredients myself, instead I use my gut feeling to make the smoothie a little bit different every time.

How to make: put the ingredients to the blender and let the blending magic happen. It’s as simple as that! The amount of honey you use is critical to the sweetness of the smoothie (to balance out the strong sting of lingonberries) so use it according to your own taste.

This smoothie really starts my day though lingonberry might be quite strong to begin with. What do you think? Is lingonberry a good ingredient to use in a smoothie?


Author: Annu

Finnish lifestyle and all things a #FinnishWoman living in #Helsinki enjoys.

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