About me

Life is good in HEL – trust me I know!

I´m a Finnish woman living my everyday life in Helsinki metropolitan area and on a mission to fall more and more in love with my life. I have lived in 7 different cities (Finland and the Netherlands) and finally found my home in this place. This city is so inspiring and every day I´m falling more in love with it. Sharing my story and that of “my Helsinki” is what I do here.

So if you´re interested in Finland (country, culture, brands) or Helsinki (events, places) or enjoyments of the tongue here (food, drinks), you have found the right blog. I have only started with this blogging thing now, so I´d greatly appreciate your feedback. Feel free to email me to annu.in.hel in gmail.com or contact me on social media (quick links on top left corner!).

I really want to make this blog a really inspiring journey for both you and me!