TOP 3 Helsinki events I plan to go to this fall

Summer holidays are gone and the burning red leaves are coming for us all. It´s time to look ahead and plan for the upcoming months something inspiring and fun to do!

I am really into events at the moment and for the first time ever I also feel that I´m getting superexcited about all things relating to fall! I´m so looking forward to burning candles and getting cozy with extra large sweaters paired up selfmade with woolen socks. And spiced coffee! And pies!

In all this excitement I made this list of three events where I plan to go. I could have made a longer one, but these three are currently the most interesting ones for me.


Pagan Fall Festival, September 23-24

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This is a completely new event for me and I´m curious to see how it turns out. The idea of the festival is to celebrate Finnish traditions, ancient know-how and share knowledge of old pagan beliefs. There are lectures, workshops and who knows what else! I definitely want to feel the atmosphere there myself. Read more on

Julian Rosefeldt: Manifesto

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In Helsinki Taidehalli there is this 13-channel film installation Manifesto (2015) starring Cate Blanchett as 13 different personas. As a huge Cate Blanchett fan, this is a must see for that reason alone! How could this not be a must-have visit? Read more on

Liquorice and salmiakki festival, November 11

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Photo from Lakritsi- ja salmiakkifestivaalit

Do you love salmiakki? It´s one of the best things to put in to your mouth. I´m not that into liquorice but for salmiakki I´m ready to do whatever it takes to visit this festival. Salmiakki everywhere! At least that´s how I dream this festival will play out for me…  Read more on


What are your top events this fall? Any good additions to my list?